Luxury kitchen appliances offer many benefits from upscale designs to commercial-grade construction. Although their price tags may be higher, you’ll enjoy more features, higher quality materials and intuitive design that makes them a pleasure to interact with. Whether you’re shopping for an entire kitchen appliance bundle package or a singular item such as a range, cooktop, dishwasher or refrigerator, choosing the right appliance retailer makes all the difference. Here, we’re going to explore shopping options and which is best when you’re looking to buy luxury appliances. This buyer’s guide will help you wade through the countless options to choose a retailer that provides quality, reliability, value and customer service – everything you’ll want in an appliance retailer.

Shop Smarter: Find Your Ideal Kitchen Appliance Retailer Online

Today we buy everything from our groceries to our prescriptions online, yet sometimes online shops get overlooked when it comes to a big investment such as a luxury appliance. However, there are many benefits to buying your appliance online. In reality, buying online has become one of the most popular ways to purchase appliances in the US. Let’s look at some of these perks:

Consider an Online Luxury Appliance Retailer


Better Selection: Buying online allows you to browse features and options which are typically limited at in-person brick and mortar stores.

Lower Prices: Since online stores don’t have the overhead and expense of maintaining a storefront, they can offer lower prices which often means extra savings that can significantly add up when it comes to luxury appliances. This is particularly true when you’re buying full appliance suites or packages.

Ease of Delivery: Online retailers are built around shipping their products, so they can offer a more streamlined approach to delivery, especially when it comes to large shipments such as appliances. 

Online-First: Discover Kitchen Appliance Companies with Exclusive Offers

A new crop of appliance companies have emerged thanks to the ease of online shopping. These online-only appliance companies cater to online purchasing. Because there are fewer middlemen involved in the online shopping experience (no salespeople, no storefront to maintain, no showrooms to outfit) you are getting the same quality product, such as a Viking or a Wolf luxury appliance, but at an affordable price point. 

Authorized Retailers: Secure Your Purchase of Kitchen Appliances

Purchase from an Authorized Dealer

Because there are MANY ecommerce sites for luxury appliances, it can sometimes feel like a challenge to know which ones are reputable and which are best to avoid. We’ve got some tips on how to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable luxury appliance online retailer:

Legitimate Dealers: Verify Online Store's Kitchen Appliance Authorization

Any appliance store you shop with should list it as an “authorized dealer.” However, to make sure you’re shopping with a reputable appliance store online, double check by visiting the appliance brand’s website. They’ll provide a list of the authorized dealers they work with. If a website is not on the list, it’s most likely NOT an authorized dealer. Home Outlet Direct for instance is an authorized dealer of ZLINE, THOR and Forno appliance brands. 

Trusted Partnerships: Why Authorized Dealers Matter for Kitchen Appliances

An authorized dealer is a retailer who has partnered with an appliance manufacturer to the public. This partnership ensures that you, the consumer, are getting high-quality products and they are coming from a trusted source. Non-authorized dealers may sell damaged, refurbished or counterfeit products and no one wants to buy those! Furthermore, warranties and customer support may not be available from an unauthorized dealer. If you have an issue, require service or need a replacement part, an authorized dealer is much more equipped to help you than an online store not authorized to sell a brand. 


Sales Tax Clues: Identifying Reputable Kitchen Appliance Retailers

We all want to pay less tax whenever possible, but a store that skips on sales tax may be a red flag. Stores are required to collect sales tax and failing to do so is a sign of a shady business that may not be trustworthy nor act as an authorized dealer. It’s also important to note that just because you do not pay sales tax, you are most likely still responsible for that purchase tax with your state government. That’s why it’s better to simply stick with a reputable online retailer, like Home Outlet Direct, so you can make your purchases with confidence and peace of mind.

Customer Insights: Evaluate Reviews for Kitchen Appliance Retailers

Reviews are important, because they show the level of satisfaction from customers who used a particular website. Make sure you see verified reviews from customers. Reviews which include photos of the product and the reviewer’s kitchen demonstrate their investment in the website and most likely are a sound indicator that buyers are content and the store has offered great customer service. 

Expertise Matters: Look Beyond Size for Top Kitchen Appliance Service

Some consumers will make the mistake of thinking that a big box home improvement store automatically means you’ll get the best customer service because of their size. In fact, the opposite is often true. Because these big box stores carry millions of different products, if you try to speak to someone there, most likely they won't be experts in appliances. And when you are investing in luxury appliances, you want to make sure the customer service team you’re speaking with knows about the product. Their experience and expertise is important should you have a question in the future or need service or replacement parts for your investment.

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