MRCOOL is a brand that has been gaining in popularity over the recent years as a manufacturer of mini splits, air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. Whether you’re looking to stay cool in the summer or warm and cozy in the winter, you might be wondering if MRCOOL is a brand worth investing in. Since HVAC can be one of the most expensive parts of a home to upgrade or replace, MRCOOL promises a budget-friendly option for enjoying a comfortable home year round. But let’s dig deeper to find out the real deal on MRCOOL and if they can deliver the cooling power and heating capabilities that your family needs.

Who Makes MRCOOL?

Although MRCOOL might be a new brand name to you, the business has actually been manufacturing HVAC products since 2014, when a team of climate control experts came together with a mission to bring new innovation to the industry. 

Although they have been steadily expanding their innovations, what really propelled the business into the public eye is their introduction of a DIY line of mini splits, which placed the power of home climate control in the hands of consumers rather than expensive HVAC service businesses.  

So you might be wondering where MRCOOL is made. Surprisingly, MRCOOL is an American company based in the USA. Their headquarters are in Hickory, Kentucky where they design, manufacture, and ship products.  


Are MRCOOL Systems Any Good?

MRCOOL has established itself as a reputable HVAC equipment supplier. This is evident in their long-term warranty policy which includes an impressive five year warranty on all parts, a seven year limited compressor warranty, along with a one year limited remote control warranty. This type of guarantee provides that extra peace-of-mind that we’re all looking for in such a crucial home investment. 

Another sign of quality is the MRCOOL’s use of environmentally-friendly refrigerant, named R-410A rather than more damaging chemicals. You can also see their strong reputation in the amount of positive reviews, customer testimonials and followers of the brand online. It’s evident to see that MRCOOL has become the cool brand of choice for cost-effective climate control. 


Is MRCOOL Good For Air Conditioning?

MRCOOL has emerged as a leader in high efficiency units and that’s easy to see thanks to its SEER ratings, which indicates just how efficient an air conditioning unit is. It’s a simple rating to figure out. The more efficient a unit is, the higher its SEER rating will be. This SEER rating is especially important to check if you live in a climate that has intense heat year-round or extremely hot summers. MRCOOL’s SEER ratings are right up there with the most expensive air conditioners on the market.

Is MRCOOL Good for Heating?

Although the brand is MRCOOL, that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten about heating. In fact, their popular mini split units, which can effortlessly add ductless heating and air conditioning to practically any room, are known for their heating reliability. Beyond mini splits, MRCOOL also manufactures heat pumps and heat pump condensers, which get high scores from consumers and HVAC pros. 

Trust MRCOOL for Your HVAC Needs

While digging into the details of the MRCOOL brand, we found several key features that lead us to make the decision that not only is MRCOOL a good brand, but its products are a great investment for homeowners looking for an affordable way to heat and cool their home. Not only does it utilize cutting edge technology to deliver high-efficiency, but the brand also backs all of its products with an iron-clad warranty and has a mission to combine innovation with cost-effective price points. That’s not something you typically come across in the HVAC industry, making MRCOOL a refreshing choice for all of your home climate comfort needs. 

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