The MRCOOL Central Ducted Hyper Heat is a heat pump that promises high-efficiency heating but does this central ducted air handler and heat pump condenser combo collection offer the money-saving benefits it claims? We dug into the specs, features, and consumer benefits to see if this system truly delivers on its promises.

What’s Inside a Hyper Heat Bundle

Let’s take a deep dive into one of the Hyper Heat combination packages. The MRCOOL Central Ducted Hyper Heat 60K BTU combo features a ducted air handler and heat pump condenser which boasts a 15.3 SEER rating. A high SEER rating equates to lower bills.

In this package, the Hyper Heat Central Ducted Heat Pump Condenser comes with a 10-year warranty on both parts, labor, as well as the compressor. The Hyper Heat Central Ducted Air Handler comes with the same warranty and includes a wired thermostat and at 60K BTUs provides more than enough power to heat around 3000 sq. ft.

Designed for Temperature Extremes

The MRCOOL Hyper Heat series name is a bit misleading because while it can serve up plenty of heat to stay cozy on those cold and blustery winter nights, these combination packages also effectively cool the home just as efficiently. In fact, the Hyper Heat is designed to handle any and all temperature extremes. As severe weather affects more and more regions of the US, this becomes an important quality to have. If you reside in an area that’s prone to temperature extremes, whether that’s summer heat waves or below freezing temperatures, the MRCOOL Hyper Heat line can handle the task. In fact, it was independently tested and the results showed it was capable of working at peak performance from -22° to 122°F. That’s a pretty impressive performance level!

Energy Efficiency and Ease of Installation Equal Easy and Inexpensive Heating and Cooling

The Hyper Heat is designed to efficiently provide heat even when temperatures dip well below freezing. While that will help with energy bills, MRCOOL took its latest line one step further, cutting down the installation time, making the process of adding in the system cost-effective as well. Thanks to a factory pre-charge and compatibility with the MRCOOL Quick Connect Line-Set, MRCOOL reports these innovations cut installation time down by up to half the time. 

Hyper Heat’s Extra Benefits Extend Beyond Efficiency

While the energy-cost reduction will be what captures most consumers' attention, we noted that the Hyper Heat line does have a slew of other unique features that make it worth considering. These include the High Static-friendly construction, making it approved for mobile home and modular home use where high static conditions exist. The collection is also multi-directional, so it will work whether your HVAC is located in an upper floor, the basement or on the same level as your living space. You’ll notice in descriptions this is described as downflow, upflow, and horizontal. Each unit includes a wired thermostat plus a remote control to conveniently adjust the unit. In addition, it is compatible with third party thermostats like NEST or Ecobee.

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