Perlick, renowned for its excellence in refrigeration, offers a range of sophisticated wine coolers that combine innovative technology with elegant design. This review delves into five of Perlick's most popular models, each designed to meet specific needs, from indoor luxury setups to challenging outdoor environments, ensuring every wine enthusiast finds the perfect solution for preserving their precious collection.

1. 15" Signature Series Wine Reserve - Indoor Model

This model is an excellent choice for those with limited space but no compromise on quality. It features Perlick's proprietary RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system, ensuring quick cooling and consistent temperature throughout the cabinet. The front-vented design allows for easy undercounter installation, making it a seamless addition to any kitchen or home bar. Its stainless steel interior and UV-resistant glass door protect wine from light exposure and external influences, preserving the taste and integrity of your collection. Additionally, the model is known for its whisper-quiet operation, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Features & Benefits:

  • RAPIDcool technology for fast, consistent cooling
  • UV-resistant glass to protect against light exposure
  • Front ventilation for easy undercounter installation
  • Quiet operation, enhancing room ambiance

2. 24" Signature Series Dual Zone Wine Column

Perlick dual-zone wine cooler model is perfect for serious collectors who require different storage conditions for various types of wine. Each zone can be set to a specific temperature, suitable for either red or white wines, thanks to the dual-zone temperature control technology. The unit offers a considerable capacity that can accommodate up to 90 bottles, making it ideal for expansive collections. The full-extension shelving makes accessing your bottles easy, and the blue LED lighting not only beautifully displays your wine but also does not emit heat that could alter storage conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual-zone temperature control for different wine types
  • Large capacity up to 90 bottles
  • Full-extension shelving for easy access
  • Blue LED lighting that doesn’t affect the internal temperature

3. 15" Signature Series Wine Reserve - Outdoor Model

Built to perform in outdoor environments, this model features a robust stainless steel exterior that stands up to the elements, be it sun, rain, or snow. This outdoor wine cooler includes all the advantages of the indoor models—RAPIDcool technology, UV-resistant glass, and quiet operation—but is designed to withstand external conditions. This makes it an ideal addition for outdoor kitchen setups or patio dining areas, ensuring that your favorite wines are always on hand and perfectly chilled.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable construction for outdoor use
  • RAPIDcool technology ensures quick and even cooling
  • UV-resistant glass to prevent sun damage to wine
  • Operates quietly, perfect for peaceful outdoor settings

4. 24" ADA Compliant Wine Reserve

This model addresses accessibility with its ADA compliance, featuring controls that are easily reachable for all users. The height and design accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility aids, ensuring that everyone can access their wine collection without assistance. It doesn’t sacrifice any of the high-end features expected from Perlick, including stainless steel interiors and RAPIDcool technology. This model also includes a locking door, which adds an extra layer of security for your wine collection.

Features & Benefits:

  • ADA compliant design for easy accessibility
  • RAPIDcool technology for maintaining consistent temperatures
  • Stainless steel interiors that are easy to clean and maintain
  • Locking door for added security

5. 15" Signature Series Wine Reserve - Marine & Coastal Series

Specifically designed for use in marine and coastal environments, this model features corrosion-resistant hardware and a rugged design to withstand harsh salty air, which is a common challenge in such areas. The vibration-free cooling technology protects the wine from agitation, preserving flavors and bouquet. This model is particularly favored by those who enjoy boating or live near the sea, as it guarantees the longevity and performance of the unit despite challenging external conditions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Corrosion-resistant components suitable for marine environments
  • Vibration-free cooling to protect wine integrity
  • Rugged design to withstand harsh conditions
  • Compact size suitable for boats and coastal homes


Perlick's wine coolers are tailored to meet diverse needs, from indoor luxury setups to challenging outdoor and marine environments. Each model offers unique features that cater to specific requirements, ensuring that all wine enthusiasts can find a Perlick model that fits their situation perfectly. Whether you need a compact solution for urban living, a robust system for outdoor entertainment, or specialized storage for a coastal home, Perlick provides top-tier options that promise durability, functionality, and style.

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